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Published Delegated Executive Decisions

Welcome. This system contains information about published delegated executive decisions, including exemptions.

Decision Number Date Executive Portfolio Title Decision
0038 2020/21 Exempt03/03/2021Finance and GovernanceAward of the Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity Service ContractTo direct award of 3 year WAN contract to Virgin Media Business.
0037 2020/21 Exempt01/03/2021Integrated Care & HealthTo award a contract for the provision of care services at Cross MeadowsTo award a contract for the provision of care services at Cross Meadows
0036 2020/21 26/02/2021Children and Young PeoplePupil Admission Arrangements for 2022-23To determine the Council's Pupil Admission Arrangements for the Academic Year 2022-23 by 28th February, 2021.
0035 2020/21 Exempt21/02/2021Environment and TransportModernisation of St.Helens Crematorium To award the contract for the modernisation of St.Helens Crematorium
0034 2020/21 18/02/2021Education, Skills and BusinessApproval to become a Kickstart IntermediaryTo give approval for the Council, via the Ways to Work Programme, to apply to DWP to be an Intermediary for the Kickstart Programme
0032 2020/21 05/02/2021Reset and RecoveryWays of Working Agile Hybrid Working Policy and GuidanceTo approve the Ways of Working Agile Hybrid Working Policy and Guidance
0031 2020/21 Exempt03/02/2021Integrated Care & HealthExtension to the existing Framework of Approved Suppliers for the Provision of Domiciliary Care ServicesTo seek approval for an extraordinary extension to the existing contract.
0030 2020/21 Exempt03/02/2021Integrated Care & HealthExtension to the existing contract for an Advocacy HubTo seek approval for an extraordinary extension to the existing contract.
0029 2020/21 Exempt03/02/2021Integrated Care & HealthExtension to the existing contract for Information and AdviceTo seek approval for an extraordinary extension to the existing contract.
0028 2020/21 02/02/2021Integrated Care & HealthAdult Social Care - Care Sector Strategy Feb-Mar 2021Reflect the impact of COVID-19 to maintain a viable and sustainable care sector whilst achieving financial effectiveness for the Council.
0027 2020/21 01/02/2021Education, Skills and BusinessFinancial Support to Early Years Education and Childcare Providers due to COVIDTo approve the provision of financial support to early years education and childcare providers that have been adversely affected by COVID.
0026 2020/21 Exempt30/01/2021Environment and TransportEastern Region Interchange & Connectivity (ERIC) Full Business Case submissionTo seek approval to submit the Full Business Case for ERIC to the LCR Combined Authority Transforming Cities Fund.
0025 2020/21 28/01/2021Finance and GovernanceInformation Management FrameworkTo approve updated Information Management Framework policies
0024 2020/21 Exempt28/01/2021Environment and TransportFlood and Coastal Resilience innovation EOI funding Submission - Partnership Funding bidApprove Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme - EOI Funding submission - Partnership funding bid.
0023 2020/21 28/01/2021Finance and GovernanceProcurement of an integrated HR and Payroll SystemFurther to Cabinet approval, procure an integrated HR and Payroll System from 01 April 2021 from Zellis.
0022 2020/21 28/01/2021Environment and TransportFees and charges 2021/22, Garden waste collections.To agree fees and charges for garden waste collections for 2021.
0021 2020/21 Exempt28/01/2021Regeneration and PlanningChurch Square-Rents / Service ChargeChurch Square-Rents / Service Charge
0020 2020/21 ExemptChildren and Young PeopleRequest for financial support for provision of two home extensions to prevent placement breakdown for the children residing in the properties who are looked after.To provide an 'in principle' agreement to progress with the financial provision to deliver two home extensions to two kinship foster carers who have care of children looked after by the Local Authority.
0019 2020/21 Exempt08/01/2021Education, Skills and BusinessAccept ESF Grant funding for ‘Positive Inclusion Programme’To seek approval to accept the ESF Grant funding, and seal the funding agreement, for the ‘Positive Inclusion Programme’
0018 2020/21 13/12/2020Regeneration and PlanningMarket Fees and Charges 2020/2021To approve the proposed fees and charges for 2020/2021
0017 2020/21 13/12/2020Environment and TransportWinter Service Policy 2020, Adverse Weather Guide; Minimum Winter & Resilient NetworksApprove and publish the Winter Service Policy 2020 & Resilient Route Network Plan 2020. Approve Adverse Weather Guide & Minimum Winter Network.
0016 2020/21 Exempt13/12/2020Environment and TransportUrgent Heating Replacement Works at District CETo award a contract for the urgent replacement of heating system at District CE
0015 2020/21 Exempt02/12/2020Safer, Stronger CommunitiesAcceptance of short-term Next Steps Accommodation Programme funding from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and approval to contribute to the national evaluation of the programme.To accept 149,800 of short-term Next Steps Accommodation Programme funding from MHCLG and be part of national evaluation of the programme.
0014 2020/21 Exempt02/12/2020Finance and GovernanceWrite off debts over 5,000 - Sundry DebtsTo write off debts over 5,000 in accordance with the Council's Debt Recovery Policy.
0013 2020/21 24/11/2020Finance and GovernanceAnnual Review of Fees and Charges for Registration Services within St Helens 2021-22Review of the current fees and charges for Registration Services in St Helens for 2021-22.
0012 2020/21 23/11/2020Regeneration and PlanningFees and Charges for Development and Building Control 2020/21Approval of fees and charges for Development and Building Control for 2020/21
0011 2020/21 12/11/2020Children and Young PeopleProposed increase in the number of places at Mill Green Special School from 2020-21 onwards.To consider the outcome of the statutory consultation on the proposal to permanently expand Mill Green Special School.
0010 2020/21 12/11/2020Children and Young PeopleSafe Families To undertake a direct contract award for 12 months commencing 1st April 2020 to Safe Families for the continued provision of a ‘Troubled Families Service’
0009 2020/21 12/11/2020Children and Young PeopleExtension of Contract - Home StartsTo seek permission to extend Home Starts contract for 12 months commencing April 2020
0008 2020/21 10/11/2020Education, Skills and BusinessParticipation in the SEND Flexible Purchasing System To authorise that St Helens Council join the revised North West Regional SEND Flexible Purchasing System.
0007 2020/21 Exempt09/11/2020Environment and TransportThe Supply of Gas and Ancillary Services for the Council and school properties To award the contract for gas and ancillary services for the period 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2025 following a competitive tender process led by YPO.
0006 2020/21 Exempt23/10/2020Regeneration and PlanningApproval for the acceptance of the insurance settlement monies at Heath Park LodgeWe seek the approval to accept the proposed insurance settlement monies for the two fires that occurred at Heath Park Lodge
0005 2020/21 Exempt21/10/2020Environment and TransportProcurement of Road Menders, Gritters and Gully Tankers with variable Quick Change Bodies (QCB).To approve the purchase of 5 Quick Change Body vehicles 2 x Gully Tankers, 3 Roadmender bodies, 5 Salt Spreader bodies from Econ Engineering.
0004 2020/21 Exempt31/12/2020 00:00:00Children and Young PeopleChildren Rights, Advocacy and Independent Visitor Contract AwardA tender process has been undertaken for Children's Rights, Advocacy and Independent Visitor service and requires approval to support contract award.
0003 2020/21 Exempt31/12/2020 00:00:00Children and Young PeopleChildrens Rights, Advocacy and Independent Visitors ServiceIn line with procurement legislation approval is sought to tender for a Children’s Rights, Advocacy and Independent Visitor Service for Children and Young People.
0002 2020/21 14/10/2020Finance and GovernanceNHS Test and Trace Support PaymentsTo approve a Test and Trace Support Payment Policy
0001 2020/21 14/10/2020Finance and GovernanceAmendment to 'Certificate Waiver, Refund and Reduction Policy'To bring the policy in line with the refund of cancellation of ceremonies due to Covid-19