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Published Delegated Executive Decisions

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Decision Number: 0009 2020/21

Executive Portfolio:
Children and Young People
Decision Number:
0009 2020/21
Exempt / Confidential Item:
Ward(s) Affected:
All Wards
Declarations of Interest Received:
Cllr SE Murphy I sit on the Home Sart Committee
Cllr SE Murphy I am on the Homestart committee on behalf of the council
Extension of Contract - Home Starts
Summary of Decision:
To seek permission to extend Home Starts contract for 12 months commencing April 2020
Proposed Decision:
Home Start currently deliver a service as part of the Troubled Families, grant funded, government programme. The contract ends March 2020 and we would like to extend this by 12 months whilst we undertake a service redesign which will allow a full tender exercise in preparation for a new contract of work in 2021
Summary of Reason for Decision:
To provide time to undertake a service redesign which would result in an open and transparent competitive tender exercise
Reason for Decision:
This is grant funded, we report back to Central Government as part of Troubled Families programme so this service is essential to this work. An extension is required to continue this work whilst a service redesign is undertaken
Risks Associated with this Decision:
Measures to Redress Risk:
Anti Poverty / Human Rights / Agenda 21 Implications:
Please Contact Victoria Kehoe 4419 for more details.